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Welcome to the Pharmacy Department.

Phone#: (928) 428-1156

department manager
Robert Guy

Thriftee Pharmacy is committed to providing every customer with the best in pharmacy services. We pride ourselves in offering friendly, personal service to each and every one of our customers. When you come to the pharmacy, you can expect to be warmly welcomed by our pharmacy staff of caring professionals who are always readily available with answers and information regarding your medication questions.

At Thriftee Pharmacy, we offer educational counseling for all new patients and as needed or requested by anyone who has a concern they wish to discuss with our pharmacist, either in person or over the phone and it won't cost you a dime for his time! We pride ourselves on fast service. Most prescription orders can be filled within 15-20 minutes of patients dropping their prescriptions off. When it comes to filling your prescriptions or answering a question, there isn't a pharmacy in the Gila Valley more committed to personal service than Thriftee Food and Drug!

Pharmacy Hours

Monday - Friday
9am - 1pm  •  2pm - 6pm

Saturday  9am - 1pm
Closed Sundays.  Pharmacy Phone#: (928) 428-1156